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Fall 2008 Classes

Due to demand, we will offer our class twice, once on Mon-Wed and once on Tue-Thu, to accommodate as many schedules as possible. We now have dates for the Mon-Wed class:

Mon, 10/20, 5pm
Wed, 10/22, 6pm
Mon, 10/27, 5pm
Wed, 10/29, 6pm

(That's right, it really does alternate between 5pm and 6pm, because that's when we can get lab space.)


Tom Doeppner
John Hughes
Shriram Krishnamurthi
Steve Reiss


News visualization application

Liberal Media Bias

Nunberg's liberal media bias article, with links to his findings

Another article on the topic by Groseclose and Milyo, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Nov 2005

Search on the names of the authors and on “liberal media bias”; you'll find much more material!

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